How To Choose A Cuban Link Chain: 5 Super Easy Steps

How To Choose A Cuban Link Chain: 5 Super Easy Steps

Wanna sport a more sophisticated look? Then you should pick a Cuban link chain for yourself.


It’s quite important that you know how to choose a Cuban link chain. You see, there are lots of poor quality chains out there. And you shouldn’t get home with a fake.

Need some guidance on picking the right Cuban chain for yourself? Read on.

Here are 5 easy ways in choosing a Cuban link chain:

cuban link chain featured photoCuban link chains are also called Miami Cuban link chains. These necklaces have strong, thick, and flattened chain links.


1. Determine which karat type you want 

Most chain links are made using gold. However, many manufacturers mix gold with varieties of steel or alloy to toughen up the quality of the chain links. 

Most manufacturers use either copper, nickel, silver, or palladium. 

Not a lot of Cuban jewelry manufacturers use pure gold for their jewelry. Note that gold is soft and pliant and will not hold a certain shape.

Whatever the combination, you should first know for yourself which gold karat type you want.

cuban link chain gold

You should determine which karat type are you looking for. And check it against a product’s specs.


2. You should know which size you want 

The usual size for a Cuban chain link is 18 inches, which is "just right." 

How are you going to use your link chain? 

Do you want it collar length? Or longer?

Or perhaps like something that stays just right above your chest?

You should decide on all these before purchasing one.

cuban link chain length

It’s up to you to choose the length of the Cuban link chain you’re buying.


3. Check if the chain is smooth

This step right here is the most commonly overlooked one. 

You might think that this is not a big deal, but yeah, it is. 

Run your fingers on the link chain before you purchase it. If a chain is rough in some parts, it will certainly irritate your skin.

cuban link chain textre

Yep, touching those chains before purchasing is a good tip.

4. Make sure you choose the right link type

Traditional Cuban link chains are a bit larger in size. While contemporary ones are smaller and have different materials, too.

Make a decision before purchasing

Larger Cuban link chains are usually infused with pure gold or diamond, while contemporary Cuban links have a mixture of gold and alloy.

cuban link chain material

Materials determine much of your Cuban chain’s quality.


5. Check the clasp

Make sure the link chain you choose has a good clasp installed. 

Most chains have a cheap clasp installed that could easily break.

...and would make you lose your chain.

A good clasp choice is the lobster hold, as it is strong and closes the more you pull on your chain. 

cuban link chain clasp

Choose a Cuban link chain with a good clasp. 


You may think that the details listed above are not a big deal. But, think again.

Karat type. Size. Smoothness. Materials. Link-type.

All these factors can affect how your Cuban link chain will last. And how you’ll best enjoy it.

We hope we’ve helped you in choosing your very first Cuban link chain.

Good luck! 

cuban link chain closing photo



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